Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Its sound is hard
like a tool
slicing through turf
exposing the meaty density
of life.
Cold, calculating
and probably
too late.

is soft, sodden,
like wet snow
falling from
the roof.
A dithering
too late.

has a dull sound
like a steak 'tenderizer'
beating the Hell
out of possibilities
and walking away
wiping hands
on a well-used

All contain
a silent 'l'.
Let's use that L
for love.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Home Alone In A Storm

Home Alone in a Storm

Pebble dash dreams
rattle the window
sheet rain slashes
the inky mire.
I lie in my clay house,
my safe house,
still awake,
and yearn,
as the storm prowls
the walls,
yearn for his company
like a stove yearns a flame

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Moon, The Owl and The Nightingale

The moon,
yesterday's fool,
now rather beaten on one side.
Past her bloom
she glows less bright,
destined to follow her path.

An owl hoots from high
in the bone-white
eucalyptus tree
breaking the silence
repeating, repeating,
to wit, to woo

And then the nightingale,
that seasonal opportunist,
chants from the lower woodlands.
Soft, chirpy bursts
of pure song.
I am the one, choose me,
let me be your destiny.

The owl moves on
her voice comes
from across the hillside,
and mole-crickets
begin their racket.

The ancient songs
of call and response
through the night continue.
Nature holds us lightly
that we may taste freedom
as we pound our paths
to home.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Little Flash of Light

Wordle 249

A little Flash Of Light

At that moment
Of grace,
When sperm
Joins egg,
There is a flash
Of light.
The fire is kindled
A cell is created,
Becomes many.
From a glint in the eye
To a silken-skinned child.
A boundless journey
From light
To light

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mandala Doodles

In the Beginning

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I have been doodling with some new pencils by Derwent called 'Inktense'. They look like ordinary colouring pencils but then you paint over them with a wet brush and their colour intensifies and when it dries it is permanent. Lots of fun. I have been browsing through a book of ancient mandalas from Tibet and China and Japan, and found some of the details quite inspiring.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wordle 208

Awake, spirit!
Hear the breeze
That whistles
Through the cracks.
The heat has
Led you astray.
You staggered
Seeking shade
From any angle,
Bruising your instinct
Hampering your sight.
Tilt your hat
And reach the safety
Of the deep, leafy glade.
Smile and know
You are saved.

Monday, July 13, 2015

wordle 207

Where was the werewolf
When we needed him?
Off playing with Barbie dolls
With his sisters
And here we are, blind as bats
And branded as witches
Not a spell working
To free us
He alone had the ear of the master
Learnt all the words
Hunted out the scorpion of sorcery

Then used it
For heart breaks,
Cup cakes
And the resurrection of a pet rabbit.

(warewolf, dolls, resurrection, heart break, ear, blind, scorpion, ball,
branded, hunted, alone, witches, spells)