Wednesday, June 20, 2012

wordle 61 into the deep

This is a bit rough, but it's just what came up from the selection of words which are:
draft, chest, spare, refrain, temper, string, racket, latch, blend, strike, crack, spare, trace

Crash went the spare oar,
and sank without trace.
Waves so high
the chest in the galley
slid from wall to wall.
I was seriously scared
but refrained from showing it.
Joked about a bit of a draft
and told her to tie
some knots
in a long piece of string.
I said we could measure
the speed of the wind
and the strength of the current,
but the racket outside
told another story.
Unlatching the door,
the tempest's temper
poured in.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Retreat

Wordle 60
Crawl, shadows, bluffs, stain, corona, trembled, nail, vessels, willow, stones, brush, mud.


I crawled out of the tent
to watch
the sun's first rays
stain the bluffs
red and gold.
This rural bliss.

A cool breeze
made the willow tremble.
A whisper of change.
Fronds brushing
the surface of the stream.
I drew a blanket
over my shoulders,
sat hunched on a stone.
I picked the mud
from under my nails
as dawn's majesty dulled.

Cloud shadows,
like doubts,
began to build
vessels of fear,
with which to carry me back
to the city.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rural Adolescence

Wordle 59
Here's what came out of these words
crumple chisel draw edge pierce beat bruise crouch burst glow split crash

Rural Adolescence

Where the track split
You could choose
The long
Or the short cut.

Walking to the village
In the after glow
Of sunset
I chose the long.

To linger in the beech trees
Where goblins crouch
In the bracken;
Bitter bruised fronds.

Sweet honeysuckle, moss, lichen.
Their smells pierce
The senses,
Draw me on.

Along the edge of Loch Cuan.
An oyster catcher splits the silence
I walk
My heart expands

I reach the village in darkness
And burst in the pub
So thirsty
I drink a pint down.

The return journey much later
Is chiselled in my mind.
The short cut.
At least a hundred times

Winding, staggering, running scared
Of owls and trees and crashing bears
Crumpled, bed-blessed. Home.