Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wordle 208

Awake, spirit!
Hear the breeze
That whistles
Through the cracks.
The heat has
Led you astray.
You staggered
Seeking shade
From any angle,
Bruising your instinct
Hampering your sight.
Tilt your hat
And reach the safety
Of the deep, leafy glade.
Smile and know
You are saved.

Monday, July 13, 2015

wordle 207

Where was the werewolf
When we needed him?
Off playing with Barbie dolls
With his sisters
And here we are, blind as bats
And branded as witches
Not a spell working
To free us
He alone had the ear of the master
Learnt all the words
Hunted out the scorpion of sorcery

Then used it
For heart breaks,
Cup cakes
And the resurrection of a pet rabbit.

(warewolf, dolls, resurrection, heart break, ear, blind, scorpion, ball,
branded, hunted, alone, witches, spells)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Wordle #206

Collapsed dream
The membrane of which
Serves as a trampoline

Escaping mistakes
On the upward
Rush of air

Open doors
Are conduits
In and out

Hearts, too,
Are conduits
For the flow of love

Splintered hopes
Each shard
The birth of a new dream

Crack the ice
Of fear
There is life

Quilts are made
From many pieces
Old and new

Crows flap and caw
As you stagger
Gasping the new air

Clay, wet, malleable

Grain by grain
Our life
Through the hourglass

Bones, linked chains
And ancient history

Crawled I from the slime
To the sublime
In my lifetime

(quilts, open, grain, collapse, heart, clay, crows, splintered, escaping, crack, crawled, bones)