Sunday, December 22, 2013

Robert the Bruce wordle #140

There is a story,a Scottish story,
of a great warrior,a leader,
Robert the Bruce.
His army was being pulverized
and he had retreated to a damp, mossy, cave,
with barely a thought left intact.
In the silence with just the echo
of dripping water he sat,
listening and grieving
for his country and his men.
He noticed a spider
attending to it's broken web.
Broken but not beyond repair.
To and fro the spider shuttled,
following it's instinct to mend,
without despair.
In this dark,damp place,
the unfaltering work
of a small spider
cleared his head
and leveled his thoughts,
enough to listen to his heart.
His men would follow if he would lead.
He would try
and try,
and try again.
There would be no defeat.

(Spider, echo, clear, attend, pulverize, intact, fly, shuttle, means, follow, listen, split.)


  1. You caught me with the title. Love the story and the poem.

  2. This is my history lesson for the day! Just looked up Robert the Bruce to learn about him!

  3. Oh wow! I had forgotten the story of Robert the Bruce and the spider. Thanks you for bringing it back with a glorious 'Oh yeah, that's right!' moment.

  4. I love it when history and wordles come together.
    Thanks for your visit and kindness to spiders.
    I try to believe there is a place for everything. Now if the flies would just stay outside...

    Thanks for the visit. Best to you now and in the New Year ~Jules

  5. Quite splendid!! I love Robert the Bruce being inspired by a spider! Thanks for a wonderful read!

  6. Inspiring little spider...and your words...

  7. You have woven this difficult set of words with the ease and efficiency of a spider. I love the weaving of history and poetry and the spider has a special place in my belief system. Thank you,


  8. Well told story, Veronica. I also wrote a story, but about a lemon. Happy holidays to you!