Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sleeping Dragon By The Sea

Here's what came up for me for the Sunday Wordle 58

Sleeping Dragon By The Sea

The sea had that burnished look,
the look of a storm coming,
although it was hot.

We ran, hobbling and tiptoeing,
over the burning sand,
towards the rocky outcrop
that curved around,
like a sleeping dragon,
guarding the bay.

In the shadow of the rocky beast
we lay our towels down
on the slow de-scaling,
a flinty scree,
and ran recklessly
into the sea.

The rock we always swam to
was half submerged,
it's barnacles exposed,
rough and austere.
I felt the pull and tug
of the current,
as though the dragon was
sweeping her tail
through the swirling deep.

The rest is a blur
of brittle bone
against brittle barnacles.
A horrible suction
and a nearly dreadful end,
until I lay, drenched
and shredded
in the shadow of the rock,
cocooned in a towel
and in my saviour's arms.

Blur brittle austere cocoon burnished flinty
drenched chalk scrape barnacles rough tongue


  1. Wow - I wasn't expecting the near-death experience in the final stanza. A powerful write and great use of the wordle.

    By the way, your Mr. Linky link has an apostrophe at the beginning of the URL, so the page won't load properly. I had to remove it in my address bar and reload the page to get here.

    - Traci Bonney

  2. This is quite beautiful, and so very vivid, Veronica. I read your bio, how wonderful to live where you do.