Monday, July 30, 2012

That This is Life

Oh yes,
Way past wayward.
I tried, after a frenzied adolesence,
to settle down.
Down I went
like a ball
falling into the net.
I settled
Into the silt.
My body a channel
for children.
Some sublime moments
kept me hooked.
Some strange fantasy
that this is life.
Until attacks
of depression
made me see
as nessessary.
Still wayward
but the rough corners
smoothed now
by daily meditation
and a robust sense
of gratitude
that this is life.


  1. really liked this, many good lines ('channel for children' :-) ), good flow and thoughts.

  2. Great story told using the wordle. You go down and then pull yourself up in the poem. Wonderful.

  3. I think we grow when our angst becomes a memory that we can let go. That is what this verse reminds me to do. Find gratitude and move forward.

    I'm here:

  4. Amen to that! Thank goodness for meditation. :)

  5. Wonderful and familiar from another wayfarer.

  6. as purplepeninportland puts it, "wonderful and familiar from another wayfarer" - I can second that ... well told and I like that through the use of meditation and perhaps, your "body a channel for children" (something else I easily relate to) - you have found ways to pull yourself up ... well done both in poetry and life ...

    thanks also for stopping by my blog, The Poet's Treehouse, I do appreciate it ...

  7. Love the healing quality of this, Veronica. Your profile of where you live sounds fabulous.