Wednesday, June 20, 2012

wordle 61 into the deep

This is a bit rough, but it's just what came up from the selection of words which are:
draft, chest, spare, refrain, temper, string, racket, latch, blend, strike, crack, spare, trace

Crash went the spare oar,
and sank without trace.
Waves so high
the chest in the galley
slid from wall to wall.
I was seriously scared
but refrained from showing it.
Joked about a bit of a draft
and told her to tie
some knots
in a long piece of string.
I said we could measure
the speed of the wind
and the strength of the current,
but the racket outside
told another story.
Unlatching the door,
the tempest's temper
poured in.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could get to every wordle every week. I saw this when coming to #67. I enjoyed this. Dark is part of light, not so much the opposite.
    I like how this started with sound and ended with tempest's temper...What sound could that be? Natural yet violent rains? Drumming that seems ceaseless and yet I also imagine the calm and safety that were found when the storm ends.