Monday, January 14, 2013

A Drunk Blames the Drink. wordle 91

You wish that you had said no
to that last bottle.
Oh a miserable Micky Finn
was slipped in
The night didn't end.
Rather, your memory of it
to a painful lump on your forehead
and the smell of vomit.
There is no virtue in drinking.
Why do we do it?
To break down the barriers.
To bend the rules.
To see beauty in the bottom
of the glass.
The bar becomes a palace
and Dutch courage brings you closer to your wish.
The steps you take
to recite your poetry
and fill the room with your words.

Now there is only pain
and the burden of knowing
you failed yourself.
So as a consolation
let's open another bottle
and toast the muse
peruse the scrawling in the notebook.
See the genius that resides within.
A little more Dutch courage
before you begin.


  1. Nice, Veronica.
    Just a little more....

  2. Ah, we all need some Dutch courage at time! ;-)
    As always, I am fascinated at the variety of responses that rise so beautifully from the same dozen words. Nicely done!.