Monday, January 21, 2013

Beware! Beware! Beware! wordle 92

(Art,pearls, sticky, filaments, bone, charge, beware, skin, call, air, linen, call, knocks.)

Goats on the horizon
their bells ringing
in the fresh morning air.
Dew in the cobwebs,
filaments of silver
beaded with pearls,
and a welcome sun
like linen on the skin.
Every cell soaks up the warmth,
sends a charge,
refuels the sense of hope.

So out we go,
focussed on the art of living lightly
only to return later
to find the goats
out of their field.
Down in the garden
the sticky mud is full of hoof marks.
I scream and call those beasts
names that will never hurt them
wishing I had sticks and stones
to throw at their cocky, clever selves.

Weeks of slow travail
decimated in an hour.
It knocks me back.
All the sun's rays -
fuel spent
in RAGE.


  1. Critters will go for the easiest feast.

    Thanks for your visit to my story wordle.
    Now I've been able to bookmark your writing site.

  2. That is what goats do, Veronica. Nice write, even if they angered you.