Sunday, February 24, 2013

Discipline, wordle 97

I wish I had it.
I missed it as a child,
rebelled against it as a teenager
and forgot all about it as an adult.
I flitted through marriages,
children, friends, work,
feeling heroic for moments,
but lacking patience
for the long haul.

I sit here gazing into my past,
remembering the sublime -
writhing in guilt at my follies
and when my heart is like fit to burst
I stare at a stone – ancient, veined -
from a time when prophets roamed
and spoke of love
and I feel tears stealing out.

Maybe I have reached my limits
of self abuse.
Perhaps now, as the swallows fly back
and the Spring sun warms my bones,
I can see some definition,
something akin to discipline,
threaded through the years.


  1. You have written the story of my life. Thank you, oh, thank you!

    Whirling Glimpses

    While I'm at it, would you please consider getting rid of word verification? It is VERY difficult to decipher, and is a definite impediment to people who wish to leave comments for you. Thank you.

    1. Yes, I quite agree about word verification. I didn't know I had it! It has been disabled. Thank you for your comments and suggestion :)

  2. Hello my favorite other Veronica. Love this whirl because I haven't got a single disciplined brain cell so completely relate. :)

  3. Yes discipline has never been one of my strengths -- either for myself of my kids. Sounds like a positive turn at the end!

  4. maybe we all, if we are lucky, and if we work hard, and ask for help..
    reach the limits of our self-abuse

    Enjoyed your work.

  5. We have been given a precious gift of choice, often ignoring tact, sense or even safety. Humanity has not advanced (or regressed if you only consider the bad) without us risking something, often it is the very thing we need the most. Tears are shed because we have lost something valuable...probably love.

  6. Thank you people for reading and commenting. Always nice to get feedback. :)

  7. Stopped by to visit this week, and remembered I hadn't gotten a chance to visit much last week.

    Choices can act like drumsticks. We can only beat upon ourselves for so long. It took me a long time to make peace with myself I can, I think kick myself for taking so long.