Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day Dream Location (wordle 100)

At home on a hilltop,
far from any street,
I stretch my eyes
across blue distant
folding hills.

The buzzard circles and calls
and March lambs
run through young grass.
Faint voices drift up,
of neighbours
in the valley below.

I train my eyes on them.
They check their mail boxes
and share news.
Their words die
before they reach this height.

Master of my own reality,
I create their conversations
and day dream.
Change places?
Not I
In my home
in the sky.

(Change, faint, street, stretch, places, calls, march, train, create, words, die, master, share.)


  1. Your life is set in beauty. Thanks for sharing it with us, Veronica. What a lovely setting your words paint.

  2. I think about places I might like to move to if ...
    But I am actually quite comfortable where I am too.
    Your verse shows us you too are at ease.
    May you have all the time you wish there.

    Thanks for your visits.

  3. Love the world you wove in these words. Definitely a place I could easily visit and linger for some time,


  4. Beautiful, Veronica. That is how I feel about where I live as well.


  5. I wouldn't change a thing either...

  6. I love this. Such an ethereal yet real feeling, absolutely lovely.

  7. Ethereal is a great word. I agree with Carol. A beautiful write.