Sunday, March 10, 2013

Outside the Patisserie - Wordle 99

Every move tells a story
of habit and use.
It's written on the body.
Intimate, we think we know,
but from an outsider,
a video,
or through a window glancing,
the story we knotted together
or our self

The paint, the wraps,
(the fearsome parts
we think we have
so cleverly disguised),
fall away
and there, in the reflection
of a shop window
we see our mother,
our father.
Our 'take' on life
uncovered, raw, shocking.

Deep down in our hearts
or handbags
we have reserves -
building blocks of ego.
It may be chocolate
or prayers.
Om mani padmi om.
Enter and buy
chocolate eclairs.

Paint, use, outsider, away, fearsome, part, reserves, body, intimate, written, window


  1. Bless me father, for I have sinned...

  2. I think you have uncovered the very reason I dislike to go shopping at any time, for anything (except chocolate). Thanks,


  3. Your poem rings with truth. Well done.

  4. This poem works in so many nice ways, and levels, rendering ourselves open to our vulnerabilities, hose things that we want to believe help to keep us together and gives us strength (om mani padmi om) but:

    Damn the chocolate
    Damn life's temptations
    and temptresses

    It's not just what we perceive as treats,
    its our weaknesses and
    weak knees calling us

    and damn, how we can answer the call



  5. So much truth in these lines, especially about looking like our mother or father. Love the ending as I love chocolate. Nicely done, Veronica.


  6. Deep down in our hearts or handbags we have reserves - so true! If only I could find what's in my handbag...

  7. Remarkable, Veronica, and so reminiscent of my own memories and feelings. Windows and mirrors never seem to lie - at least as we see them. Other people see different pictures of us altogether!

    I'm so glad I picked you from the list thsi week. I try to get at least one or two I've never read before.

    Here's mine for the week:

  8. Oh god I was so craving chocolate today! And so true that the older I get the more i see my mother in the mirror. Nicely whirled and now pass the wine please. :)

  9. Thank you folks for your kind words. I love it when there are some readers out there!

  10. Stepping back before stepping forward. I really like the whole thing , but that last stanza is special. Now I'm going to have to seek out and find an eclair. :)