Monday, May 27, 2013

Wordle 110 Became two wordles

Wordle 110

Became two

First attempt.

Beam me up Scottie,
I think, is the phrase,
that gives a clear message -
I want to go home.

I've had enough excitement
on this shift
to keep me going for years.
So let's weigh anchor
and remove our good ship
from this current galaxy
to some new, fertile world
where the heart can grow fond
and we can see life
at close range.

Enough of space suits
and the many protective layers,
let me yield to soft greens
and connect with a place
where I feel I belong.

Second attempt

Below us lies the farm, deserted.
The mud house slowly being consumed
by brambles.
It's beams have yielded to gravity
and the fireplace,
once the heart of the home,
is buried beneath layers
of broken roof tile and lath.
I love to stand in the slanted light
and connect with the past.
I feel the fertile earth remember
as I shift an old pot, or a child's chair.
A current, a flash back, a whoosh,
a close encounter with another world.
Though firmly anchored in the present
I let my mind range
through the many voices that whisper
old familiar phrases.
Good night, God Bless, Good Bye.

(Beam, anchor, shift, close, heart, phrase, range, connect, current, fertile, layers, yield)


  1. I struggle to get one posted and you do two! And so diverse in subject matter and yet similar because both are about going back home in ways. I like the equation of work place as moving through outer space. Also like the reality that we can hear whispers, find ghost like illusions from the past in old lived in habitats. Something of the spirit and energy remains.


  2. Your second piece is so nostalgically beautifully.

  3. Two for teh price of one! Impressive. Always intrigues me how many different slant on the word there are when i am struggling to find one and now, here, you do two. (sigh). Well done.

  4. How in the world did you manage two poems with the words? I am impressed, Veronica. The reminded me of my life at times. And the second is just lovely.


  5. Both are well done but I feel more emotion in the second which I like.

  6. Being a Sci-Fi and a Star Trek fan I really connect with the first.

    But I also like the second. We've had to once again move a loved one to smaller quarters...And I fear that much of what wasn't able to be salvaged will in time be forgotten...

    Thank you for your visit.