Thursday, May 16, 2013

fear and faith wordle 108

The fear keeps circling
coming closer.
With a dry mouth I turn
to the dark cave wall
and wait for sunrise,
the promise of a new day.
A chance to start afresh.
With a vow of love
in my heart
I turn to the light
and feel the broken trust
There is space for hope,
binding the pieces together,
finding reason in the chaos.
I stop the drone of a fly
with my fist
then let it go.
It is as simple as that.

(space, mouth, circling, vow, binding, broken, cave, drone, sun, fist, crook, chants). I didn't manage 'crook' and changed 'chants 'to 'chance'.


  1. This is gorgeous, that last line was so powerful

  2. I should mention your link on The Sunday Whirl didn't work in the address you had a , instead of a . I corrected it in my own address bar so I was able to view your wonderful post but others may not have noticed