Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Retreat

Wordle 60
Crawl, shadows, bluffs, stain, corona, trembled, nail, vessels, willow, stones, brush, mud.


I crawled out of the tent
to watch
the sun's first rays
stain the bluffs
red and gold.
This rural bliss.

A cool breeze
made the willow tremble.
A whisper of change.
Fronds brushing
the surface of the stream.
I drew a blanket
over my shoulders,
sat hunched on a stone.
I picked the mud
from under my nails
as dawn's majesty dulled.

Cloud shadows,
like doubts,
began to build
vessels of fear,
with which to carry me back
to the city.


  1. How lovely to find you at the Wordles! It is hard to keep up with everything and everyone we meet on the web. I hope your retreat is doing well and you don't have to go to the city often. I post my long verse at this blog. Sometimes the words lend themselves to vignettes little stories, sometimes they string together like these companion pieces:
    Completely made up, but featuring a strong heroine who may yet, with another word list find another adventure.

  2. Fear and the city...and beautiful rural calm.... Lovely write.

  3. Love this:
    "Cloud shadows,
    like doubts,
    began to build"

    I like the contrast here, and the dulled majesty. Nice.


  4. Veronica, there is some very vivid imagery in this. Particularly love the last stanza. Good wordle.

  5. a beautiful camping trip....did you want to get back to the city for real?