Monday, April 29, 2013

Cold Spring Wordle 106

And then came March,
cold and thinly veiled
with damp mist.
I saw the rare birds return
and shiver on the lines
waiting for Spring.
The harrowing began
Vast vistas of brown corduroy,
with egrets in the wake
of tractors, finding grubs.
The wind, a transparent knife
cut through to the marrow.
I guess this is either
climate change,
or Earth's oath to us
for borrowing her mantle
and wearing it too thin.

Thin, marrow, oath, borrow, saw, march, harrowing, guess, grubs, transparent, either, rare.


  1. Your ending does make me wonder what all this crazy weather means! Thanks for visiting at my blog!

  2. While men might be responsible for a small minute portion of earthly change...Climate change has happened for and will happen for all time. We only notice it more now because there are more humans.

    We, like all that lives need to learn with what we are dealt. Or make different choices to change that with what we live with. Because the only constant is 'change'.