Monday, August 26, 2013

Height of summer wordle 123

the word comes gusting out
like a sigh,
like a telling breeze
from the South
with the rattle of dry leaves
in the slipstream.
Still the sun keeps belting out
'though the shade netting
no longer filters
the fierce long fingers
of light.
The cows move through
the bitter, burnt dust,
and the figs drop to the ground
half ripe,
with pieces taken out
by the golden orioles -
their cries fill the valley.
This is the time
when I dream
of taking the train North,
to sit by a mountain spring
in the rain,
surrounded by moss and ferns
and green.

(fierce, filters, keep, enough, pieces, train, cries, gusting, bitter, springs south, out.)


  1. What a lovely imagistic piece -- I was right there with you and feeling and tasting every line. Nice.

  2. Completely gorgeous, Veronica. I can feel your need to escape somewhere cooler and greener. Well done.

  3. What a beautiful piece filled with lovely imagery. I especially liked the ending! Very nice!

  4. How beautiful. You have created such a good sense of place in this with your descriptions.