Sunday, August 11, 2013

This is my Home! - Wordle 121

I've hitched my heart to a pocket of dirt
and my fragile, once,nay, twice, bruised self
cautiously grows tender tendrils
that twist around the trees and hills
and tangle me up 'til my pounding heart
beats to the same strains as the toll of cow bells
and the circling crows
on the edge.

'This is my home'
I nervously state.
Then louder -
This is my home,
and with wonder -
This is my home -

That in all my scattered days
I should have struck such luck
to find something concrete,
something whole,
which provides incentive
to grow.

The sun and the moon illuminate my days.
I feel my pace match theirs,
sowing seeds and growing roots
that tether me lightly
to this sweet place.


  1. Absolutely brilliant! A real stunner of a poem. And that first line is wonderful:
    "I've hitched my heart to a pocket of dirt."

  2. A very lovely ending, Veronica.

  3. Oh boy! I can so relate to all of that. I too have come to a place in my life, mentally, emotionally, and geographically that I am at once in perfect and astounding awe at my fortune and stunningly terrified at what it will require of me.

  4. To be tethered to a place is something that many of us rootless Americans know nothing of, and yet some of us secretly long for it.

    A Short Whirl

  5. You sound so restful and at peace with yourself!! You have resolved and overcome all obstacles along the way to finally find contentment!! Applause for your achievements!!

  6. Very touching and indeed inspiring, Veronica! Such poetic :)

  7. Veronica, I can relate to this, as I feel the same about where I live. That last stanza is spectacular. Well written poem.


  8. Wonderful hymn of celebration and acceptance. It takes some of us a long time to find what you express here.


  9. There is nothing quite like owning your own bit of dirt, talking to the birds and the trees and even waving to the clouds as they check you out. "Tether me lightly to this sweet place" says it all; what a glorious poem this is.

  10. Perfect! Put down your pen, and give yourself a hug! What a wonderful piece!

  11. Thank you for reading and commenting. Thank you, Brenda, for putting up the words every week, to inspire and let the creativity flow.

  12. Home is where our hearts are. I enjoy my home now, though I've moved quite a bit. And I wonder if I could, would ever leave...