Sunday, August 4, 2013

Scene from Above

The landscape below us becomes familiar
and I have a sense of homecoming
in my adopted land,
as we circle Faro,
defying gravity in this metal canister.

I see our shadow race below us
as the salt marshes come closer,
looking like blue-green curds
their organic shapes held together
by threads of green salt bush banks.

Along the edge of the land
there is the golden sand
and the white, lacy froth
and the blue, blue sea
wrinkling into the far distance.

I hold my breath as we roar
above the runway
and press down into my shoes,
head down, gripping hands
I clear away all plans

Then we're stopped
and standing on the tarmac.
New plans are made. Prayers are said. 
Bags are grabbed
'Thank you God for our daily bread'.

(Gravity,plans, thread, salt, breath shadow, sands, shoes, bread, sense, head, landscape)


  1. Nicely done. It always fascinates me how people take and tackle the words and create totally different topics from them.

  2. Love the way the sea 'wrinkles'...

  3. Nice write from a ferris wheel!

  4. Very beautiful....culminating with thanks..loved it..

    My wordle here..


  5. Nice landing...enjoyed your piece.

  6. There is something epic,mystic lovely about the line "as we circle Faro" ... stunning visuals :)

  7. You capture the sense of wonder, and even a bit of the fear that flying brings me. I just looked up Faro on a map of Portugal. What a blessing to live in such beauty. Your description of the salt marshes brings yearnings to visit the ocean. Lovely write!

  8. Have to agree with Brenda, your visuals created a longing to be near the sea and the sand. Glad you had a happy landing,


  9. The simple thanks at the end of the poem fills my heart with joy--as it does yours, I'm sure.

    Whirling with Robert and Me

  10. I, too pray when flying! Before, during and after!

  11. Luckily flying in Australia is not that bumpy except for going over the dividing range to approach Sydney so I am more relaxed now. However you poem was beautifully crafted, I really enjoyed it.

  12. That is one thing I never did , fly in a plane. Excellent poem, did a good job with the images.

  13. luv it; we just got to give thanks for it all the beauty of the adventure and the landing

    much love...